Sarasota Fishing Secrets

Tips, techniques, forecasts and fishing maps.


“Sarasota Fishing Secrets” was written to help both the novice and experienced freshwater angler understand inshore saltwater fishing specifically here in Sarasota, Florida. However, virtually all of the information is applicable to the entire west coast of Florida.

This 80 page guide is available for download as a PDF for $6 and includes tackle, rigging, techniques and strategies, monthly fishing forecasts, and articles. It also includes a fishing map of Sarasota Bay south to Blackburn Point with spots that Captain Jim fishes on a daily basis. He goes through the fishing seasons and the seasonal migrations of game fish. All of the techniques including fishing the flats, snook fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, fishing with live bait and artificial lures are also discussed.

Pictures of the available Sarasota game fish species are added at the end along with some tips for catching each fish.